Introducing the Gradle Fellowship Program

Community is instrumental to the success of every open-source project. At Gradle, we are very fortunate to serve and collaborate with an amazing community of users, champions, and plugin authors.

Some of the community members go above and beyond to help other users succeed. We are extremely grateful for their dedication. Their valuable contributions to the community include helping others on the Gradle Forums and Community Slack, publishing blog posts and presenting at conferences and user groups.

We are excited to introduce the Gradle Fellowship program to recognize and connect those individuals and grow this global community of Gradle experts to help the broader Gradle community be more productive.

We’ll support the Gradle Fellows in their efforts by offering additional direct communication channels with Gradle developers. Through these interactions, we will strive to make the latest developments in Gradle more transparent to the community and gain a better understanding of the community’s needs.

You can find the list of Gradle Fellows on our website at We are starting with a small group of some of the most active and long-standing community champions. We are looking forward to expanding this group in the upcoming months.