November 15th Bay Area Gradle Users Meetup: Recap and Videos

We’d like to thank everyone that came along to our Bay Area Gradle Users meetup last week, and we’d like to thank LinkedIn once again for hosting us—it was a great event! For those who were unable to attend for reasons of distance, time or anything else, we filmed both sessions and are delighted to make the videos available to everyone.

As described in that earlier blog post, Szczepan Faber and Hans Dockter talked in detail about Gradle’s new composite build feature:

In particular, Szczepan demonstrated the potential for working with multi-repository projects in an IDE as if they were part of the same multi-project build. You’ll find that in the first 10 minutes of the video.

That talk was followed by Luke Daley and Etienne Studer presenting the advantages of using custom data in your build scans:

It’s well worth setting aside some time to watch both of these if you can.

We hope you find these videos useful and we look forward to seeing many of you at the next meetup!